Thursday, January 25, 2007

Blogs about Army Recruiters

Welcome.... This is my first blog

hopefully there will be many more entries but for now this is the first

I have spent the last hour or so reading some of the blog entries using the search term "Army Recruiters"... what I found was disturbing... there are several blogs that say recruiters lie. Unfortunately that is true to a point. SOME recruiters do lie. Does that mean all recruiters lie? No, it doesn't. But that is not what upsets me the most. What does is that most of those blogs are from people that heard from a friend , whose next door neighbor had a brother that was married to a lady that had a grandfather that lived next door to this kid that tried to join, and HE said that the recruiter lied because that is not the way it was done during the Great Napoleonic wars, when he joined.

I understand that things change, and I am a CAT IV from Mississippi, why can't other people? I have been recruiting now for over three years. In just those short three years recruiting has changed. The maximum Cash Enlistment Bonus has gone from $20,000 to $40,000, the MGIB and the Army College Fund now maxes out at over $71,000. GED holders can now have waivers to enlist. The changes go on and on.

I Guess what I am trying to say is; Unless you are in the Army right now as an Army Recruiter then stop saying " they lied to you son!" Do some research, go talk to a recruiter. Don't be Rude, though, remember respectful questions will get you answers, Rude interrogation will get you bounced!